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Why Invest in ICI as the Construction Estimator for Your Project?

With over 30 years of providing independent estimating services and with completing over 700 estimates per year for all types of projects and clients, ICI has the experience and knowledge to consistently deliver accurate estimates.

Save time and money, while having the reassurance of knowing that your design process is both time and cost efficient. The design process is critical because even though it comprises only 5 Ė 10% of the entire project cost, it directly affects the remaining 90 Ė 95% of the project cost. A small investment in ICIís estimating services ensures positive long-term results and maximum cost savings.

ICI Estimates provide line item and unit prices to help evaluate the cost components that make up the total cost. This comprehensive method assists in evaluating materials / systems that allow for Value Management of the project. Other beneficial aspects of our estimates include:

           - We can provide personal, customizable estimates that are
              summarized and easy to read.

           - We have the ability to forecast prices into the future in order
              to give an accurate estimate for future construction.

           - We also can adjust prices to accurately reflect any area/region

You will have an accurate, unbiased, and independent budget, which will be available for use in comparison to contractor bids. Since you will have accurate cost analyses in each area of the project, you will know that you are getting a competitive bid for services and / or materials.

We will use our independent estimate for reconciliation meetings with the architect, owner, and contractor that allow us to go through the estimates and compare them item by item, confirming that the entire scope is covered and also helping to identify any unclear or problem areas in your design.

ICIís services are most beneficial at the early stages of design, giving Architect and Owners an accurate estimate so that they can stay within their budget. This saves time and expense later by preventing the need for redesign when the project is in the later phases, when changes are much more difficult to implement.

Design firms, individual architects, corporations, and colleges/universities regularly return to ICI for their Construction Estimating needs. They have grown to understand and trust in our expertise and fundamental abilities to save them money and allow them to easily understand the cost process throughout construction.