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Construction Estimating Services

International Consultants, Inc. (ICI), provides all levels of construction cost
estimating, including:

- Cost estimating from Conceptual/Budget design to Construction Documents
- Post bid change order review
- Construction claims analysis
- Value engineering and alternatives analysis

We work on all types of construction projects, including:

- Residential
- Research and Development
- Healthcare
- Educational
- Religious
- Historical Preservation

We at International Consultants, Inc. (ICI) believe cost estimating is not just a
practice, it is indeed a profession. ICI is proud of its professional history in the
development of more than 15,000 independent cost estimates during the past 35
years. We have served many owners, developers and contractors, yet our
largest client base consists of the distinguished design professionals in the
architectural, interior design, planning and engineering fields.

It is our belief that the design professionals with whom we have worked have
produced successful projects because they concentrated on their respective
design professions and allowed ICI to complement their aesthetic talents with
our technical cost estimating services. From establishing project budgets for
controlling scope creep to evaluating bid results and monitoring construction
progress payment, ICI has repeatedly demonstrated the value and return on
investment in its professional cost estimating services.

Effective cost estimating requires much more than the ability to develop a
quantity takeoff multiplied by unit costs. In the feasibility and early stages, the
estimator must envision how a single line on a drawing will be built and the
implications that this has for the rest of the components. Knowledge of elements
such as; construction sequencing, local labor agreements, productivity factors,
current bidding climates, material availability, indirect costs, anticipated
escalation and necessary contingencies are essential in the cost estimating

Typically, by using the Construction Specification Institutes' (CSI) code of 16
accounts, ICI generates its cost estimates in a format that is easily understood,
and when properly utilized, is an effective instrument in guarding against cost
overruns. Generally speaking, ICI's cost estimating services are most beneficial
when procured in the early stages of the proposed program. The most desirable
course of events for a successfully cost controlled project would include the
development of the following:

- Preliminary or Feasibility Budget
- Conceptual Design Estimate
- Schematic Design Estimate
- Design Development Estimate
- Construction Documentation Estimate
- Bid Review/Analysis
- Change Order Analysis/Negotiation

To learn more about ICI's cost estimating services and ways in which these
services could benefit your specific program, please contact ICI at