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Project Management Services

The term “project management,” as it relates to design and construction
programs, is defined by many people in many ways. We at
Consultants, Inc.
(ICI), having provided project management services on
hundreds of projects during the past 30 years, believe that we have it down to a

Project management is, after all, just that…a science. From the initial stages of
design, it is crucial to gain and maintain control over all aspects of the project.
Further, issues such as resource planning and scheduling, establishing project
procedures, implementing consistent communications and the unremitting
documentation of the entire construction process must be addressed in order to
ensure the success of the project.

ICI’s management techniques have proven to be both cost and schedule
conscious. As a first step in assisting the project team, ICI establishes a
comprehensive procedures outline, which indemnifies various tasks and provides
a systematic and timely approach to completing such tasks. Working closely with
the design professionals and the owner, ICI then establishes itself as the central
point of communication for the entire team, including the prime contractors,
thereby eliminating the possibility of duplicated efforts or overlooking issues
critical to the project.

Based on project specific requirements, ICI periodically updates and distributes
reports that include progress summaries, scheduling updates, and cost analyses
to assess the project status. In addition, by providing site inspections or, in many
cases, on-site representation, ICI oversees the construction implementation and
confirms that the work is accomplished within the design professional’s intent
and in accordance with the plans and specifications.

ICI’s many project management tasks include:

- Constructability Reviews
- Cost Estimate Studies
- CPM Schedule Analyses
- Bid Negotiations
- Contract Preparation and Administration
- Construction Coordination
- Field Inspection
- Review and Processing of Payment Certifications
- Change Order Negotiations
- Close-out Procedures